• We simplify the sale of solar panels

    Dedicated application that will allow you to manage the entire process - from collecting requirements, through the configuration of the offer, to integration with the design department.

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What can our application do?

  • Presents the company

    Tell your company's story. Build trust and gain customer attention.

  • Analyzes needs

    Identify customer needs, show him the changing solar market and the benefits of investing in solar panels.

  • Collects area data

    Collect data on the installation location. Describe them with the necessary parameters, pass them on to the operational team.

  • Calculates an offer

    Present to the client an offer tailored to his needs during the meeting.

  • Sends summary

    During the meeting, you can create and send to the client a summary of the meeting, including the contract.

  • Manages sales

    Monitor business meetings, analyze their quality and sales opportunities. Duplicate best practices.

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What benefits will you get?


Salesbook — it's easier than you think!

Simplification and standardization of the process

Salesbook will allow you to create standards that will be used by all advisers when working with clients. You will be sure that the customer receives the right data and arguments.


Salesbook — we will calculate it for you

The perfect flow of information

Your consultants, fitters and engineers will always have access to the most up-to-date implementation data.


Salesbook — get to know it from the best side!

Increase sales

Thanks to process standardization, facilitating communication and improving customer experience, your advisors will be able to increase the effectiveness of reaching new buyers.

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We strengthen direct sales among hundreds of customers

Frank Burow
CFO/COO, OVB AG, Germany
Salesbook allows us to present in a visually attractive way the company, its main advantages and benefits of working in it. The platform ofers also extensive analytics and reports about the performance of the agents.

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Salesbook PV Versions

  • Standard

    application available through a web browser
    management of the entire sales process (CRM)
    visual installation design
    offering and managing the assembly process
    Microsoft Azure cloud
    standard service support
    access to application updates
  • Pro

    all functions of the Standard package
    dedicated salesman app for iPad
    company presentation and offer module
    calculating customer benefits module
    the ability to collect information on the customer's installation site (including photographs)
    the ability to sign a contract with the customer
    full integration with the WWW application and the entire sales system
  • Enterprise

    all features of the Pro package
    dedicated modules
    any integration with another IT system
    option of installation on the hosting platform indicated by the customer
    Premium service support: fast guaranteed response times

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