The realities of the manager's work

  • No solutions to monitor the quality of sales conversations
    No solutions to monitor the quality of sales conversations
  • No tools to improve the efficiency of average sellers
    No tools to improve the efficiency of average sellers
  • CRM systems use declarative information instead of real
    CRM systems use declarative information instead of real
Tablet for menagers

Analyze and compare


Salesbook provides managers with a solution in the form of a web panel:

  • reports on the quality of sales conversations
  • real data regarding meetings with clients
  • analysis of the effectiveness of the sellers against the best in the team
  • information on content that can have the most impact on the customer
  • the most effective sales paths

Replicate best practices


Salesbook, using reports and analyzes, shows the manager how the best sellers sell and suggests how to increase the efficiency of the average seller.

  • The effectiveness of the sales path

    On which elements of the sales process the best sellers concentrate and how they present them

  • The effectiveness of sales materials

    Which sales materials and presentations are used by the best sellers and how customers respond to them

  • Effectiveness of sales talk profiles

    Which profile is the most effective? How does the average seller deviate? Which  elements should be improved?

  • Dates and meeting places

    On what days and at what times it is best to arrange meetings with clients

The use of files from the library

Zwiększ swoją skuteczność
Information about library files used by the sellers suggest which of them may have the greatest impact on the customer. Distribution of sellers into groups: Talented (x), Solid (y), Average (z), Poor (w)

Empower Sellers


Effective management of sales team activities is a valuable but rare skill. Salesbook provides the manager with a tool that:

Management panel for   manager

"The secret of business is to know what others do not know"

— Aristotle Onassis. Tycoon of maritime transport

Salesbook provides managers with innovative reports based on information on the effectiveness of individual sales paths. Unlike CRM systems, the information collected in the Salesbook is based on actual and not declarative data. CRM data quality depends entirely on what the salesperson will report and not what he does.

Salesbook selling tool
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Check what benefits Salesbook gives the seller

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