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What is it?

What is Salesbook?

  • It facilitates

    the Customer's quick understanding of the benefits

  • It supervises

    the effectiveness of sales conversations

  • It informs

    how the best ones sell

  • It controls

    the activity and quality of Sellers' work

  • It transforms

    average Sellers into great ones

  • Salesbook is an innovative sales and presentation tool for the mobile Seller teams whose task is to reach out to the customer, analyze their needs and present and configure the product.

    Salesbook makes it easier for the Seller to conduct a sales conversation, increases its efficiency and automates reporting to any CRM system. The system records the course of a sales conversation in real time and provides reports for the qualitative analysis of conversations.

    • Tablet + Seller Application

      A key part of the solution is an interactive Salesbook application for the Seller to communicate with the customer. The application helps you adjust the scenario of a sales conversation to the customer's profile.

    • Seller panel

      The panel is available through the website and in an application. It provides a preview of information collected about customers, the achievement level of objectives, offers sent, planned further steps and audio recording of sales conversations.

    • Manager panel

      Panel accessible through the website, which provides access, amongst others, to reports on the quality of sales conversations, the achievement of objectives, the locations of the meetings, and the statistics on Sellers' effectiveness compared to the best Seller team.

    • Administrator panel

      Panel available through the website for content and appearance management of Salesbook (CMS), sales process structure, users, tablets and entire system security, as well as its configuration.

For whom?

Who are the Salesbook users?

Salesbook is an excellent tool for any company whose employees meet customers and convince them to purchase products or services.

The system is best suited to consultative sales for B2B and B2C segments, especially in mobile sales channels (sales representatives, sales engineers) or in stationary sales (salons, sales offices, stands at fairs and conferences).

People who use the system in their daily work are Sellers, sales managers, sales support staff and trainers.

Salesbook is available in 3 versions

  • SOHO

    Small companies

  • SME

    Medium companies




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  • Banks
  • Telecommunication
  • Energetics
  • Automotive
  • IT
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Our customers

  • Microsoft
  • BMW Motorrad
  • OVB
  • Mercedes

What are the benefits?

Salesbook benefits

Salesbook "ensures" that the sales conversations are effective in each phase. The system can adjust the scenario of a sales conversation to the customer's profile. The reports provide innovative information on the efficiency of individual sales paths.

In addition to full control of Sellers' activity, the tool provides necessary information to quickly increase the effectiveness of the entire sales organization. The system automates the Seller's operational activities such as reporting in CRM or preparing offers, saving their time.

      • I can understand the product and its benefits very quickly

        Attractive form of communication through graphics and comparison shortens conversation and facilitates understanding of the benefits.

      • Immediately after the meeting, I receive a summary of the conversation via email

        I have the key data on the conversation, which facilitates the decision making process.

      • I have a sense of uniqueness of service provided by the Seller

        The Seller is an expert, who understands my needs, conducts a dialogue with me and conceals nothing.

      • I have absolute work comfort

        I don't have to remember details about a product, own offer or competitors' offer.

        I focus on arranging meetings and improving sales conversations.

        I don't have to report to CRM because Salesbook does it for me.

      • I have a proactive system of conducting sales conversations, tailored to the customer's profile

        The system monitors the effectiveness of the conversation and suggests the products to offer.

        I know which arguments to use to create the customer's need to own the product.

      • I save time on operational activities and preparing for sales conversations

        I have more meetings with customers, I am more effective, I have higher motivation because I earn more money.

      • I quickly improve the efficiency of weaker Sellers

        The reporting system shows me which phases of a sales conversation are not being conducted properly, so I can quickly correct them.

      • I have coaching material

        I have reports on the quality of the sales conversations conducted by the best Sellers and I repeat the best practices.

      • I fully control people's activity

        I can verify any Seller in terms of logistics (who? where? when?).

        I can verify any Seller in terms of sales conversation quality (how?).

      • We quickly manage the content used in sales conversations

        We use content that "works" on customers.

        We can update the materials for Sellers at any time.

      • We see the customer after the meeting

        We know when they browse the offer and what interests them.

        We continuously adjust the quality of marketing materials to meet our customers' needs.

      • Improved communication

        Effective best practices are passed on to everyone.

  • Zbigniew Masłowski

    Chief Sales Officer

    Andrzej Nowak

About Us

Our competence

Salesbook brand history comes from Witchcraft Studios, which has implemented several hundred IT projects for clients all over the world since 2007, e.g. for Microsoft, Samsung, Toshiba, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Prudential and many others.

At the end of 2016, Witchcraft Studios together with the investment fund SpeedUp Venture Capital Group established the Salesbook brand, which specializes in the production of tools dedicated to sales teams. As a consequence, IT team was expanded with sales experts experienced in the B2B and B2C segments in various industries. Thus, it was possible to build a team with multi-dimensional sales and IT competences.

Jacek Maciak
  • Jacek Maciak

    President of the Management Board

  • Associated with the TMT market (Technologies, Media, Telecommunications) for over a dozen years. He has extensive experience in the business area of new technologies, combined with technical expertise in IT, telecommunications and banking. Graduate of IT studies at the University of Łódź, European Business Studies in Fachhoschule Osnabrueck and Executive MBA at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) and the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH).

Andrew Hope
  • Andrew Hope

    Vice-President of the Management Board

  • 20 years of experience in CEE markets and finance. He has worked as a treasurer in an international corporation, an investment banker, a partner in investment funds and private equity funds, a member of the management board of a brokerage house. He also has extensive experience as a journalist for The Economist, Wall Street Journal Europe/Dow Jones. Andrew Hope is a New Yorker, and a graduate of Connecticut College, MBA University of Quebec at Montreal[CEMBA] and Warsaw School of Economics, as well as American University and Fairfield College Preparatory School.

Zbigniew Masłowski
  • Zbigniew Masłowski

    Chief Sales Officer

  • Associated with the IT & Telecom market for over a dozen years. He has worked in managerial positions in companies and corporations that are leaders of their respective industries. The professional profile includes B2C, B2B sales management and HR project management. He is an engineer and a graduate of the AGH postgraduate studies (specialization: project management) in Cracow, NLU Business College in Nowy Sącz (specialization: human resources management).

Tomasz Dul
  • Tomasz Dul

    Chief Production Officer

  • Tomasz Dul, Dyrektor ds. Produkcji Oprogramowania. Od 18 lat związany z branżą nowych mediów. Karierę rozpoczynał jako programista, następnie od kilku lat zajmuje się prowadzeniem projektów IT z zakresu rozwiązań WEB, Mobile oraz Marketingu Internetowego. Posiada wyższe wykształcenie na kierunku „Systemy i Sieci Komputerowe”

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